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"Could you imagine if you met your long-lost brother that was, at one time, your Dad’s favorite and all the sudden you sit down together? And he doesn’t really want to hang out but there’s business?" - Robert Downey Jr

// okay. for real. online. tonight. it’s happening.
    … but after food.

    like this for a short starter when I get online.



"—- That’s fine with me.
As long as she or he doesn’t
attract all of your attention.”


     “ Well, I do have
        to uphold. 

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"—— It was before we met.
Otherwise you would have been
sitting right beside me, I promise.”

            [ Clint gave a small chuckle and shook his head. ]

     “ Well… there might’ve been a
        stripper between us. I tend to
        attract those when I go out. 

S C I E N C E   B R O S

// guess who’s internet crapped out right after making that open rp? yup.
    creepin’ from work now. I’ll try to get on at lunch and my afternoon break.
    hopefully my internet at home will behave today.

                              O P E N

       “ What?